Experience a great night’s sleep with the iSense Sleep brand of adjustable mattresses at The Mattress Connection. This premium mattress lineup offers the choice of spring, foam and air surfaces—all with built-in technology to control individual comfort from ultra-plush to ultra-firm with the touch of a mobile app. The brand’s spring and foam mattresses feature exclusive VariCoil and VariFoam technology, which bring individually comfort-controlled technology to every type of sleep surface. Start feeling rejuvenated and explore our iSense Sleep lineup:

Fall asleep faster and stay in deep sleep longer! Enjoy the simple pleasures of a great night’s sleep with iSense Sleep Spring mattresses. Including new Comfort Control technology, our dual zone controls and full range of firmness are now available with the responsiveness of Spring.

With dual zone controls and full range of firmness, iSense Sleep offers breakthrough comfort for both you and your partner. Revolutionary ThermaPhase Gel memory foam allows for optimal comfort and support while infused microgel beads relieve pressure points, and reduce tossing and turning.

The iSense Sleep Air Mattress is crafted to provide flexibility while providing the core support needed for spinal alignment. With Premium ThermaPhase Gel memory foam, you are guaranteed optimal comfort and support. Get a good night’s sleep so you can wake up refreshed the next day!