The Highclere Collection by Silent Night

The bedrooms of Highclere Castle are a familiar sight to lover’s of Downton Abbey. Elegant and luxurious, the rooms embody the epitome of design and comfort, while also reflecting the rich history of the house. Redesigning the 61 bedrooms of Highclere Castle has been a passion project for Lady Carnarvon as she works to modernize the house, while still retaining its grandeur and heritage. One of her biggest challenges? Replacing the mattresses, the majority of which were 150 years old and in sore need of replacement. ‘Working with Lord and Lady Carnarvon, we have been able to create the Highclere Collection, which truly embodies this famous British landmark, both in design and comfort,’ says Ian Lambert, marketing director at Silentnight. ‘Taking inspiration from the Castle’s interior and exterior, we’ve created a premium product, designed to offer luxury at an affordable price.’